Flick Visual Foundry relaunches.

Flick Visual Foundry

Flick Visual Foundry, a digital branding company started by two ex-agency guys, namely Garth Jemmett and John-Louis West, have decided to relaunch their website to showcase some of the team’s work.

John-Louis describes Flick’s business outline: “Flick uses clarity and single-mindedness to deliver communication and branding solutions across broadcast, new media and mobile. We believe that the future is digital and we specialize in moving branding and communication into the digital age. We harness technology and create custom solutions to help businesses find better ways to communicate. We constantly aim to create work that attracts attention and clearly separates itself from the ever-increasing clutter”.

With the plethora of digital agencies cutting it out there today, It can be a tough job trying to stay on top. We hope to see some clever creative work being produced by these guys and their team. Check out their site HERE






  1. Looks like a bit of a http://www.rga.com copy.

  2. Wow thats blind. When will people learn tisk tisk

  3. Its a complete bite. Im gonna tell Though You Wouldnt Notice website. WHAHAHA

  4. “We constantly aim to create work that attracts attention”

    – This is definitely going to attract the wrong type of attention.

    Really a big disappointment that we copy others. Come on guys.

  5. How can they claim to tailor-make ideas and be expect to be taken seriously if they so blatantly copy somebody elses work?

  6. This is like a bad case of Deja Vu. So you can change the heading, replace logo and images and BAM , A New Website!! not ayoba

  7. LOL’d at the first half of their tweet after their new site announcement: “Everything is created twice.”

  8. Who cares. The work is good. Surely that’s all that matters.”Lolling” at their tweets? Really? So boring. Mean too, actually. I’m going to “lol” at your tweet about your launch of your something. Sigh.

  9. ^ Actually everyone in our industry does care..such a blatant rip off is one of the cardinal sins in web development, which you obviously know nothing about.

    Go back to looking at pretty pictures on tumblr chick

  10. Yes the work is good, but the way it’s presented is unjustifiable and discrediting, which is a shame. Their site is designed to be a showcase of their experience and skill set, and currently it looks to me like plagiarism is one of those skills.

  11. It must have been reference. but shouldn’t have been used so directly..
    In a meager defense of their mistake, this style seems to getting ripped a lot lately.
    here’s another eg:
    Are we all SO SURE that RGA was the first to rock this style?
    do some research peeps!!

  12. @observessence: Savage Productions are using the (modified) Work-a-holic WordPress theme. The only similarity between this and the Flick site is the 3-column grid layout, which has nothing to do with style.