Made In Woodstock: Mackay, Senyol, Southey


Bruce Mackay, Justin Southey and Paul Senyol are no strangers to Between 10and5. Their individual art, illustration and design has been shown a few times here but never the place where it all originates. The three artists share a studio and the blend of their unique styles makes it an inspiring place to visit. And they’ll offer you lunch.

Between 10and5: Where is your space?

Bruce, Justin, Paul: Studio F402, Woodstock Industrial Centre, 66 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town, South Africa


10and5: Who designed/decorated the studio?

Paul: It grew organically out of whatever we had brought from our old studios, benches, couches from holiday homes, shelving, etc.
We had our friend Juan Voges (photographer, man of all trades) build the mezannine above our desk space. This has freed up a lot of space and given us each a central work station.


10and5: What do you love or hate about Woodstock?

Justin: Sometimes it smells like a snoek boat.

Paul: I like that over the weekend I had the opportunity to paint a beautiful mural, have two aged men pee on the wall whilst I was painting, each within 30mins of each other, share a meal with the people whose backyard wall it was, play cricket with a bunch of kids, and the sky was so so so blue, there is a green light that I can see out at the harbour, and the view of the mountain is pretty epic.

Bruce: I love the old houses and buildings and how everything seems to belong to the community. I am not a big fan of the litter or the street fights.


10and5: What’s your favourite corner or feature?

Justin: Night time views of the city, from the balcony.

Paul: The veg garden out on the balcony gets my attention every morning.

Bruce: The kitchen counter. (Where the majority of our meetings and meals happen)


10and5: Any plans for a Senyol, Southey, Mackay collaboration?

Paul: Bruce and myself have worked on some artworks together in the past which came out quite nicely, but I do think that the three of us should paint a nice mural sometime.

Bruce: Yes.


10and5: Who would you happily let into your space?

Paul: Anyone who has 5min to chat and have some lunch.


10and5: What music is usually playing while you work?

Paul: Bruce has the music mix for the studio.

Bruce: Music that was cool in 2006 and other people in the WIC’s I-tunes libraries.


10and5: What will your studio never see?

Paul: Hopefully never a fire.

Justin: A purple microwave.

Bruce: A pet cobra/perfomance art/video games.


10and5: What are you currently working on?

Paul: I have a few commissions to finish up, as well as a bunch of paintings for Salon91, as well as getting ready for a group show there in may, I am also working hard to get all this done, as I leave for a 3 month residency in Finland with my friend Wesley Van Eeden at the beginning of April. We also have our studio show opening this week Friday.

Justin: Doing some work for the Design Indaba.

Bruce: Some paintings and prints for the studio show/BFF Exhibition. I start on a children’s book that I am working on with Robert Volker in the next few weeks. And some other secret projects.


10and5: And finally, who does Noddy belong to?

Paul: All the toys are Justin’s.

Justin: (Got it in a lucky packet) I like it.


Bruce, Justin, Paul and friends are having an exhibition at their studio on Friday called the BFF exhibition. It’s open to all so you’ll get to see the ‘Night time views of the city, from the balcony’ yourself. Details to follow soon.



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  1. i like i like guys…your illustration sytle is Supa! Dig your workspace! Awesome!……..Also luk’n 4 sumthing like dis in future