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by Suné Horn

Suné Horn: Freelance designer/architect

by Suné Horn

Suné Horn is a freelance designer/architecture student seeking to better our living environment. She obtained her Bachelor of Architectural Studies at the University of Cape Town and is currently finishing her Honours degree. In 2007 she received a merit award for her entry in the Eskom Energy Efficient Lighting Design Competition, and in 2008 she and team member Adrian Jackson won second prize for their proposal in the 2010 Student Landscape Design Competition.

In 2009 Suné worked for Joshua Conrad Architects as part of her practical experience, and was lucky enough to land an opportunity to design a house for a Jo’burg photographer. Below is a description about the house in question..

Photographer’s House in Simon’s Town :  Nestled against the slopes of the Murdock Valley it enjoys a 180° view of False Bay.  The photographer client was adamant that the interior should be filled with light for most of the day. The roof was designed to float above the main living space allowing views of both the ocean and the mountain.  Constructed on a mountain slope the house features three terraced levels.  At the bottom storage for everything that accompanies vacations, the second level being for guest and separated from the main living area as to allow for privacy and the top level of the house being the main living area. The house is currently nearing completion.

For more information about this talented lady, you can checkout her blog HERE

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