McDonalds outdoor defaced

Some interesting commentary / graffiti on the massive McDonalds outdoor advert at the top of Long Street in Cape Town.

It raises an interesting question, is visual noise the real world version of spam and do you think we need more public “commentary” on ads?

Thanks to Riaan for the link.


  1. oh hell yes. Makes it way more interesting

  2. Ha! Haven’t seen a good culture jam in a while. I’ve alwys thought that massive billboards like this one at the top of Long should be customized to the environment it’s in.

  3. Culture Jam??? MacDonalds has nothing to do with culture. More like Ad Busting, mate. Well done to whoever had the balls.

  4. That’s true Lord sir – I haven’t seen something in such a long time that I got my semantics mixed up.
    I wonder how they did it?

  5. that’s what you get for intruding into public spaces, public opinions 🙂 im loving it

  6. perhaps with photoshop…?! Anyone actually seen this?

  7. good point – can somebody validate this?

  8. It was been confirmed from various sources. 🙂 There are also other angle shots floating on some other blogs.

  9. A TM on the end of the ‘…not’ would have been a nice touch.

  10. i can see it from my studio .. its 100% real ..

  11. yep, real. Looking at it out my office window right now 🙂

  12. love it! McD’s shouldn’t paint over it, maybe someone else will tag on it. It would be interesting to see what other people will write.

  13. Yip, 100% – my office is right next door. Priceless!

  14. totally acceptable ‘graffitti’. Ads are not sacred space. Especially the Golden Arches’.

  15. EPIC… Whoever did this is a hero…!!

    McDeath – you FAIL…!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  16. will not surprise me if it was themselves, a ad in Cape Town just traveled the world, good mileage

  17. If ads are allowed commentary is allowed. We have no choice re. what billboard junk is shoved down our throats averting our eyes to compulsive consumerism and shouting loudly enough to ruin the beauty of the mountain and the ocean…

  18. That’s sum MAD advertising- eyecatching.. Yu cannot miss that. Although I kinda feel like its a bit excessive. I’m a fan of historical and architectural beauty and this doesn’t do much for tha building=).. Kinda feel like one day tha worlds just gona be one
    big advert!!! Blaaah*

  19. At the end of the day, regardless of what it says, im (you included) are still going to gorge yourself on a delicious McFatty meal and love it all the same! haha respect to whoever did it…

  20. Speak for yourself, Lance. Personally I’d rather gnaw my own leg off.

  21. The fact is Mcdonalds has negotiated to sell their shares to a BEE consortium in SA says that they are not a commodity that South Africans go for. The local market is a lot stronger than they expected. The billboard reflects both their inconsiderate and in your face attitude to social and environmental issues pertaining to outdoor media and also the general public’s response,especially Cape Townians “distaste “of this company.Long live the Long Street revolution, I hope we see more of this!

  22. Mcdonalds can get F***D! Seriously there advertising is deciesful as there deathburgers. Its ruined one country already(America) and its not gonna get its greasy hands on another. WELLDONE!

  23. Someone had to add some creativity to the mix

  24. Oh and btw, Green Point McDonald’s is the worst fast food outlet I’ve ever been to. There is always some problem with my orders and the service is atrocious, every staff member seems unhappy and disorganised.

  25. This is fake!
    Jst walked pass the Mcs and its not there, not even left overs from someone scrubbing it off. Cute, but fake!

  26. Its certainly not fake, It has probably been removed but i saw it and it was VERY WELL DONE! Exact same font, didn’t look patched on at all. Must have been done from the inside. great stuff, well done!

  27. I saw it getting painted over by a bunch of willies with rope access.
    That red wall is hideous and makes long street look like a freak show.
    The person who did this should have thrown paint thinners out of every window of that building so Mc Donalds wouldn’t have benefited from all the publicity of this amusing stint.

  28. Did it for the LULZ…