New Mr Price TVC


Here is the latest Mr Price TV ad launching tomorrow and featuring Capetonian Fani Segerman. What do you all think?


Film director – Shelly Nel, Make my Day productions

Creative director – Clinton de Goede, Wisdom and Youth

Producer – Vanessa Logan, Wisdom and Youth


  1. So lame! “my friends are going to take over the world!” really now?

  2. yup, the “take over the world” line is pretty lame, but i do think they really nailed the art direction, look & feel and general positioning. leave out that line and it’s pretty good for a discount retailer.

  3. No, my friends will take over the world.

    Puma Social Much?

  4. What song is playing?? An incredibly shit copy of Two Door Cinema Club!

    As for the ad I agree with Steyn.
    Toes.. that video was over already when it started.

  5. I loved it! Nice one Shelly.

  6. Haters gonna hate! Well done Shelly, it looks great!

  7. who is dat white chick wit dat wig n looks like an old lady holding da cards?

  8. Hmmm…
    Let’s hope her friends wont take over the world.
    It doesn’t make sense, as Mr Price is one of the most mass produced clothing lines in SA. What on earth does she mean by, “they have their own style..none of them really follow the rules”…pffft

  9. what is hiker doing in this ad?
    Hiiiiiiicheeeeeeeeeeeennsss!!! haha nice one

  10. Where did all the other comments go? Whatever happened to freedom of speech? Freedom of expression? The right to one’s own opinion even? SERIOUSLY?

  11. Hey Alice,
    the comments were removed for being off-topic and personal. We try keep comments on the site relevant to the creative work.

    You are free to exercise your right to freedom of (anonymous) expression elsewhere on the internet where it is more relevant.

  12. This is a terrible ad. Is that a boy?

  13. Oh jokes! Its a girl sorry, thought it was a gay couple haha! Why would they make her wear a wig though?!

  14. I know you’re all just jelly, cuz me and my boyfriend (yes, Hiker) are a hot-ass couple, and Mr Price paid us to be in their advert, has anyone ever paid you to be in an advert? Soz i don’t have long hair guys just chill ok.