Red Bull F1 show car activation at Killarney

Red Bull is quite well known for the epic events that they host, the last public one was the Red Bull Nighshift that saw almost 10,000 people rock up on Camps Bay to watch Jordy Smith and friends do some tow-in surfing.

This weekend they are bringing in the Red Bull F1 show car that was racing during the last season and it will be putting on a show performance at the Killarney race track. It was supposed to have been held on Beach road in Tableview, but authorities shut them down apparently.

Check out the video above. Gives goosebumps!

There will also be some other activities like Ready D’s drift team, possibly an air race and all the Red Bull you can drink.

Here’s the event page on Red and the Facebook event as well.

Red Bull Racing Formula One Showcar Run in Cape Town:
Venue: Killarney Race Track – Tableview
Date: Sunday, 27th March 2011
Time: 13h00
Entrance Fee: Free of charge

Check out this interview with David Coulthard by Ciro De Siena of Overdrive tv:

Between 10 and 5 was at the event in Kyalami in Johannesburg and managed to get some shots of the car behind the ropes:

Between 10 and 5