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The Butcher’s FRIDAY CUT!

Morning and welcome back to a glorious Friday. I’ve chosen a cracker this week and thanks to JP for the suggestion.

CLICK HERE to download the Friday Cut.

On another note I’d just like to remind everyone what the Butchers Cut is all about. There seems to be a misconception that this weekly post is supposed to be about new/up and coming music –  it’s not.

Ok so what is it? Well, it’s Friday glory wrapped up in an MP3. I choose a song every week that epitomizes the spirit of Friday and kicks off your weekend with an overwhelming “hell yeah!” Why do I do it? Because it’s A for awesome and makes me a better person.

I accept suggestions but beware, it takes a particular type of song to make the cut. It could be the intro, the lyrics or the chorus, but something in the song has to make you wanna jump up and boogie. It has to feel like a Friday. I don’t care how old or new it is. It just has to capture the Friday spirit.

Have a great weekend guys!



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