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Saatchi & Saatchi fills GSB with ‘PossibiliTeas’

Saatchi & Saatchi
Saatchi & Saatchi Cape Town has created an idea for the UCT Graduate School of Business for their Executive Education Courses, entitled ‘PossibiliTeas’. Based on the school’s platform of ‘Full Colour Thinking’, the promotional idea invites you to see unexpected possibilities in the business world by opening up your mind.

Sammy-Jane Thom, Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi Cape Town, says, “We wanted an idea that was fresh and unconventional like the Graduate School of Business. Our idea came off the insight that it is often when we take a break that inspiration (or the A-ha moment) strikes, like when you take a moment to make a cup of tea. This lead us to the idea of developing a tea chest where every tea bag you take has an inspirational Thought Starter on the back.

So lets hear a bit about their product..
The first interaction with the chest is when the lid is open and the words clearly indicate what it is for,‘With adventurous minds, possibilities flow. Where that journey takes us, no one knows. But if you’re stumped, simply take a break – a most satisfying cup of tea awaits. And who knows what terrific idea might strike. For this is moment, enterprising brains most like!’’

The tea chests include 5 x 9 tea variants with 45 different thought starters, and there are also travel-size tea boxes with 1 x 9 tea variants in each. The tea was created by one of the best tea merchants in South Africa – Mingwei Tsai. Thom continues, “In order to maintain authenticity we found someone who could hand-blend and develop the tea specifically for the tea chest. As an added dimension, each tea bag has steeping instructions and notes about the tea and each of the tea packs have been hand-made.

Creative Director: Sammy-Jane Thom
Art Director & Designer: Natalie Vella
Copywriter: Melanie Horenz
Art Buying & Production: Barbara Swart

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