Lucas R Adams

Box Modulus by Lucas R Adams

Lucas R Adams

You’ve probably noticed that we have a newish contributor at 10and5. When he isn’t helping us out with posts, Lucas is a full time product-design student at CPUT. He’s the kind of guy who thinks the busier the better and so also takes on small-scale projects whenever he can. We got some pics of the latest of Lucas’ projects at the Toffie Pop Culture Festival last weekend.

The Box Mudulus © was designed for Bibliophilia – a designer book store located in the Woodstock Industrial Centre – for which he has done previous work, see here. The client was looking for a modular storage solution that would fit into the existing theme of the store, but at the same time had to serve as a stall-setup for the then upcoming Toffie Festival.

The boxes were constructed using CNC (computer numerically controlled) technology, which cut the necessary designs in a material called OSB (oriented strand board), which is fast becoming a popular low-cost material in a furniture applications. Simply put the box’s slide into each other at equal corners, which enables the user to assemble any number of boxes for any variation on either height, or width. The Box Modulus © setup for Bibliophilia amounted to 15 boxes forming 2 stands.

For more of Lucas’ design projects visit his blog dbriefed.



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