Vodacom rebrands to Vodafone Red

Telephony company Vodacom is expected to rebrand today to the Vodafone colours. Rumours are that it will only be the colours and logo that changes, but the name will stay the same. It’s the Vodacom Unlimited Festival tonight at Orlando stadium, which is where they are expected to make the big announcement.

We’ve managed to source these images from various places, but we’re still looking for some more examples.
Word out is that there is a media black-out for the next week, so expect to see Red Vodacom in practically every piece of media you can spy.

The iconic Vodacom on the Ponte Towers will also be rebranded:


We have received a couple of posts from people seeing the new branding around South Africa. Please send in your sightings to submissions@10and5.com or send us a Twitpic to @10and5






  1. I’m not very impressed. Vodacom had amazingly strong brand recognition here in South Africa, not to mention a very local aesthetic. It’s something they’ve worked on for years. This seems more like the Vodacom brand has been destroyed. Not re-branded.

  2. I hope this is an April Fools thing

  3. Unfortunately not. I saw it in stores on Monday already. I was dumbstruck. I’m curious to see how their customers will respond. This is bound to cause confusion.

  4. This is definitely not an April Fools joke!

  5. well, it’s not like they really had a choice though…

  6. They could have had a better solution for the logo type though, but is the logo image the actual logo, because it is different on all the other elements.

  7. @dustin: Uh, ever heard of vodafone?

  8. @dustin -Vodacom was acquired by Vodafone a couple of years back. They were able to retain their entire branding, up till recently. Word on the street is that all Vodafone subsidiary’s had to rebrand to Vodafone, except for a few key regions. South Africa being one of them.

  9. hahahah nice attempt!

  10. Thanks matt I was actually very confused with where they got the brandmark from…I’m not an idiot, I know who vodafone is. The previous image of the logo had a mashup of the two logotypes, hence the April fools comment.

  11. Seems like Vodacom is trying to match Cell C’s recent rebranding campaign. Added to this, Vodacom’s new advert is shocking. What is supposed to be paint spraying over the old man – looks like a bloodbath, which is how my 9 year old perceived it! And shown in normal viewing hours too. Also the slogan “Vodacom is red” – shown during the Super Rugby 15 – looks like they are supporting the Reds. Someone didn’t think this through – fire your Ad Agency…

  12. I must be honest: as much as Vodacom’s blue-green branding was effective, I can’t say I particularly liked it. Based on personal preference, I prefer the new brand. Nevertheless, I don’t think it matches the market. Let’s see what happens over the coming months with market-share.

    Oh, and Ponte City looked horrible last night. Better the night before, but they screwed up the LEDs.

  13. I really do wish it was April Fool’s day joke. I thought I’d mistakenly logged on to Vodafone’s website. I suppose I had and everytime I see Vodacom from now on I’ll think first of how some pommy is counting his profits as Vodacom shafts ‘those silly Africans’.
    Plus is their new slogan seriously Vodafone’s “Power to you”? I mean am I the only one who hear’s CellC’s slogan in that?

  14. I like the new vodacom logo its great for the market clients will understand the meaning for this. And you know what vodacom customers are getting free airtime when they recharge vodacom is giving back.

  15. how do stakeholders perceive the new logo? are they happy with it?