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Klipdrift TV commercial new slogan – Ngena/Again, ja
Klipdrift copywriters have seem to have decided to move away from the very well liked “Met Eish Ja”.
The new slogan/pay-off line is “Ngena”, or “Again, ja”.

It makes sense when you know what it means – Ngena means to “Go in” or  “Come over” or “Welcome”, to which Neels van Jaarsveld responds “Again, ja”. The positioning strategy might be to make the brandy have a wider appeal than the Neels van Jaarsveld Afrikaans crowd, but then again the well liked “Met Eish, ja” just worked… It’s going to be interesting to see an omie from Ventersdrop respond with “Ngena”. Suppose it doesn’t help that Neels looks slightly uncomfortable when saying it.

We think it is a good move to make the brand more popular with other demographics in South Africa, what are your thoughts?

By the way, if you like Klipdrift, head over to their fanpage. They seem to need the support!

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