Savanna SOS – Save our Social Media

New video from Savanna. Save Our Social Media.

Presumably done by Quirk / Draftfcb Cape Town?



  1. Can’t seem to figure out what they are trying to say. Rushed and confusing…

    Not seeing how it fits the brand either?

  2. And the point of this is…?

  3. I believe this was produced by Quirk, not Draftfcb.

  4. Campaign’s just started – more to follow 🙂

  5. Confusing much?! And completely off-brand, even the tone and language use is is off. Let’s hope the ‘more to follow’ saves it.

  6. Just checked out the Savanna fan page. What does Save our Social Media got to do with Save your Shindig?
    Maija, how does it all fit together? Feels like two different ideas?

  7. Savanna SOS is all about Survival Tips adding value to the Savanna consumers lives. Whether that is helping you save your shindig offline or saving your social media online. The message should be appropriate to the channel. The goal is to entertain and amuse consumers on Facebook and create awareness for the offline campaign.

  8. LOVE IT!!!!