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The Epic of Everlasting Exhibition Tour by Fanakalo

KWV Epic of Everlasting Exhibition Tour

The Epic of Everlasting Exhibition Tour by Fanakalo

Fanakalo Visual Communications have been busy working on an interesting project. We had a look: South African wine corporate KWV have decided to share their love of art, by staging a massive tour around our country. They’ll be visiting 8 destinations starting in Stellenbosch next week (7 – 21st April). The Everlasting Tour will showcase KWV’s continued association with the arts by exhibiting some of South Africa’s most revered artists, such as Cecil Skotnes.Along with the exhibition, the Everlasting Tour will be running a treasure hunt competition inspired by the central art work of the collection, entitled the Epic of Gilgamesh which will be staged around the 8 destinations detailed HERE on the Everlasting website created by Fanakalo.

The Epic of Gilgamesh has stood the test of time as one of the greatest hero legends of humankind. KWV invites you to embark on your very own quest to become a part of the Laborie legend…9 treasures, 9 finalists, 1 legend. In each of the 9 cities to which the Epic of Everlasting exhibition travels, a treasure is to be found. In order to find these treasures, you will need to rely on the story of The Epic of Gilgamesh, as well as your knowledge of the landmarks in each city.

For more information regarding the event, check out their facebook page HERE

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