Dulux – Sold Out


A tactical ad for Dulux, anyone know who’dunnit?


So we heard from Dulux regarding this ad. Both their marketing team and their ad agency have NO idea who made it. They asked us to post this response:

A mystery Dulux fan made this advert in response to a cellular service provider’s “Red” campaign and it caused quite a stir after appearing on 10and5 yesterday. To celebrate the creativity of the idea, Dulux SA will donate 40 litres of paint to a charity of 10and5’s choice. And if the mystery fan comes forward, we will donate an additional 40 litres to a charity of his or her choice too. The only catch? It can’t be red. After all, there are so many other colours to choose from.

How amazing?! Thanks Dulux! We’ll be announcing our chosen charity early next week. Now let’s find the mystery ad maker…

Between 10 and 5