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Student work vs Ogilvy Paris

SA students vs Ogilvy Paris

Student work vs Ogilvy Paris

This international WWF work has been causing quite a stir locally. The campaign you see above was done by Chris Auret (art director) and Alexis Christodoulou (copy writer) while they were grad students at Vega in 2009. The work features fish wearing endangered animal masks and the headline reads, “Would you care more now?” The campaign won a Silver and a Merit for Craft and Print Advertising in the Sappi Think Ahead Student Awards 2009.

The campaign underneath is by Ogilvy Paris, recently released, it also features fish wearing endangered animal masks and their headline reads,”Would you care more if I was a gorilla?” etc

Chris and Alexis managed to get contact from the art director and copy writer team in Paris for their feedback, “They say they honestly did not know about the idea and they feel bad for us but these things happen.”

The local team feel the concept and headline are just too similar to be a coincidence but want the viewer to decide.

Any thoughts?

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