New Castle Lager Commercial
New Advert from Castle Lager.

The Amajita are on the road again. This time they are exploring the rugby playing nations around the world to see how other Super Fans support their National Teams. The first episode finds our Super Fans in Ireland exploring the countryside in search of what makes Ireland special. As it turns out the beer is as dark as the weather and our Amajita take cover in a local pub.

In true Castle Lager and South African spirit they makes friends with the locals and show them good old South African Braai when the sun comes out. Introducing them to boerewors, pap and sharing their favourite beer, brewed under the sunny skies of SA with the finest quality ingredients and a legacy of excellence, Castle Lager.

Nothing beats making friends with the world, at home or abroad.

It all comes together with a Castle.




Between 10 and 5