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Woodstock Cycle Works logo

Woodstock Cycleworks

Woodstock Cycle Works logo

There’s a new bike shop in Woodstock and you’re invited to the opening! Read all about it:

Every neighbourhood needs a kid and every kid needs a bike and every bike needs some love so to bring it full circle we’re launching a neighbourhood bike shop with the name Woodstock Cycleworks above the door. It’s a shop for big kids and small kids. What kind of bikes you may ask? We love bikes, all bikes, but particularly your bike and the one that’s been gathering dust in the back of the shed. Those neglected beauty’s waiting for some air in their tyres, a drop of oil to ease that squeak and a road to strut all fancy pants down.

So we’re launching this Thursday, 6pm, 99 Sir Lowry Rd, Woodstock. It’d be great if you can join us for a toot and a tale and bring your bike too so they can all hang out.

Marvellous. Nils & the Woodstock Cycleworks crew.

The CI and flyer was designed by Michael Tymbios.

Woodstock Cycle Works invite

There’ll be a short ‘making of’ video coming soon, in the meantime here are some pics: 

Between 10 and 5