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we-are-awful. Who’dunnit?



We-are-awful has been doing some ‘borrowing’ from local pop culture site we-are-awesome. Besides the play on their name and scaling part of their logo, they’re using we-are-awesome’s street fashion photos to pit Cape Town hipsters against each other. And it’s up to the public to vote who is the most awful. Check it out here.

Now before anybody gets upset their byline does say, ‘Just for fun and charity, don’t sulk.’ There is also an option on their site to donate to Ikamva Labantu (an organisation that builds and supports creches as well as other great deeds) if your karma needs balancing.

Update: we-are-awesome have responded on their blog, It seems someone has taken an interest in we-are-awesome and has chosen to give you options we never did. It’s not us, in case you wondered. We are all for being charitable but usually I just give some money to the needy or an institution that is better equipped than me to distribute money and goods. Making fun of others in order to give to the needy isn’t very charitable.

Anybody know who’dunnit?


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