we-are-awful. Who’dunnit?



We-are-awful has been doing some ‘borrowing’ from local pop culture site we-are-awesome. Besides the play on their name and scaling part of their logo, they’re using we-are-awesome’s street fashion photos to pit Cape Town hipsters against each other. And it’s up to the public to vote who is the most awful. Check it out here.

Now before anybody gets upset their byline does say, ‘Just for fun and charity, don’t sulk.’ There is also an option on their site to donate to Ikamva Labantu (an organisation that builds and supports creches as well as other great deeds) if your karma needs balancing.

Update: we-are-awesome have responded on their blog, It seems someone has taken an interest in we-are-awesome and has chosen to give you options we never did. It’s not us, in case you wondered. We are all for being charitable but usually I just give some money to the needy or an institution that is better equipped than me to distribute money and goods. Making fun of others in order to give to the needy isn’t very charitable.

Anybody know who’dunnit?



  1. Haha brilliant, would love to know.

  2. I don’t buy the “just for fun and charity” disclaimer for a second. It’s like saying to people, “No offense, but you’re a c*ck” and being surprised when they take it personally.

  3. Face Smash.

  4. Hipsters without a sense of humour? Well I never…

  5. Reminds me of the Hans Christian Andersen story “The Emperors New Clothes”. This blog would be the little kid calling bluff. Brilliant on so many levels I don’t know where to start. Well done.

  6. HAHA! Really gives the scene-kids a reality check. You’re not as ‘another-word-for-cool-because-cool-isn’t-cool’ as you think.

  7. New age fun with a vintage feel.

  8. Making fun of others in order to give to the needy isn’t very charitable. Really? Epic sense of humour fail, guys.

  9. “Making fun of others in order to give to the needy isn’t very charitable.” – sure – just ask Red Nose day in London!

  10. Jesus. Didn’t mean to say it so often. Easy now.

  11. douche.

  12. So going to print a Tee that says “%#@$% awfully hipsters”
    Brilliant site!!!

  13. It was about time someone made a public way to insult them filthy hipsters. they aren’t nice people, so I don’t care!

  14. Indifferent, either way its just more exposure for everyone – mimicry is the greatest form of flattery.

    But wouldn’t WeAreAwewsome have issues with them using their original street-pics; wouldn’t they be under copyright..

  15. They’re referenced at the top.

  16. Ridiculas perjury not only from “we are awesome” but also’the social network” whoever created is the “the Anti imagination” look kids it’s easy”

  17. It’s the greatest thing to have ever happened. I don’t care if you wear a gameboy as a necklace, drink beetroot infused green tea from some obscure place Johnny Depp tweeted about, use a nintendo cartridge as a wallet, or smoke a pipe. You’re not Sherlock Holmes.
    Looking like a cock isn’t cool. Drinking shitty coffee out of a paper cup doesn’t make you better than someone else. Confusing people about your gender doesn’t make you trendy. No one wants to try and understand why you’re misunderstood. If people are staring at you it’s because you look like something the circus shat out. Act like you have some balls. Don’t tuck them so you can fit into skinny jeans.

    People of South Africa, not all Capetonians make their own shorts and wear feathers in their hair. It’s a city, not the set of Pirates of the Caribbean.

  18. Hahahahahahaha. What troll said.

  19. When I was first shown the we-are-awesome website I honestly thought that they were taking the piss out of so-called trendy hipsters.

    Turns out that they ACTUALLY think that they are awesome.

    How ridiculous is this? The idea of we-are-aweful is brilliant. If someone can’t laugh at themselves then they need to stop giving everyone a reason to laugh at them in the first place.

    Troll you echo my sentiments to a T

  20. Hopefully this will put an end to this ridiculous self indulgent social behavior. Its about time hipsters grow up and stop being such little attention seekers akin to 12 year old girls in a beauty pageant. Welcome to real life.

  21. All hail the Troll! He-is-awesome.

  22. Critisizing people for being different to you. How open-minded these comments are. For people who are anti-hipster or whatever you want to call it you seem to care an awful lot about what they wear. What’s so rage-inducing about people dressing how they want?

  23. @a thought: Wearing clothes or riding fixed gear bikes or listening to music does not make a person “awesome”. This is an idiot-breeding, shallow culture, based on nothing more than “holier than thou”, rank-based and (at its worst) capitalistic ethics. It’s bound to alienate the insiders and annoy the outsiders.

  24. this is great!
    have a sense of humour, why so serious???????

  25. @ a thought. It’s not just about the clothes, it’s the retro high horses they ride upon. A hipster life takes time and effort. Do you understand how long it takes to get that look? To fit in those jeans? To cycle to work on a bike with only ONE gear? To find a coffee shop no one knows about and then tell everyone it’s the place to be?

    I tried to be a hipster. I bought a straw hat and tried to roll my own cigarettes using a type of tobacco Hemingway used (that’s what it said on the pack), but I just couldn’t keep up with all the new trends. My phone’s battery died and I missed the tweet saying straw hats were out and undercuts were back in. I was shunned. Now I spend my days thinking of what could have been 🙁

  26. I love how 1 week later no-one really cares anymore (is it because they’ve run out of photos to use?).

    The BEST mashup would be to take all the nightlife pics from the 500 photographers who have seemed to have popped up and add those in to the site.

    Now we’re talking.

  27. @Uno – Great suggestion. The strap line could be “Just because you have a camera, doesn’t make you a photographer.”

  28. My thoughts exactly.