Mercedes Interactive Print Ad

New interactive print ad for Mercedes combining mobile and print.

Agency: Net#work BBDO
Copywriter: Johann Schwella, Mike Pearson
Art Director: Alexis Beckett
Creative Director: Alexis Beckett
Executive Creative Director: Ivan Johnson
Chief Creative Officer: Mike Schalit
Business Unit Director: Karen Carr
Production: Clinton Mitri, Daneel Malgas, Ground Glass, Prezence Digital, Barry White


  1. Holy moly.
    Enjoy the awards guys, you deserve it.

  2. brilliant i love it. Well done BBDO

  3. “interactive”….

  4. More of a good technique than a great idea. And if I were to be brutal, I’d say the technique has been done before several times over, and in much better ways:

  5. I think the idea here is the rear view mirror becomes alive to show the product benefit rather then the actual tecnique. Much stronger tie in then the AXA example. Also, QR and AR makes the user have to install apps before they can experience the ad. Simple = Better.

  6. It’s a cool idea. Pissed off I didn’t think of it first.

  7. Dag nabbit good stuff you whiprpensapeprs!

  8. done in germany office for rich media banners, claimed by south africa and re done for print

    people in glass houses

  9. Hey M, can you link me to that example?