Vodacom Celeb TV Ad – Power To You

Vodacom has released their latest TV ad featuring a star-studded celeb cast with Corne and Twakkie, Sugar Smax, Freshly ground and a whole host more (see if you can spot them all). Seeing as the previous creative work coming from them has been a fairly bland and simple appropriation of the new Vodafone colours, it’s great to see with this ad that there is still some creativity left at the company.


  1. This AD is terrible, lame and absolutely bland. What a waste of 1.03 minutes of web data. All these Ad agencies pushing forward this lame SA ‘celeb’ idea is pathetic…

  2. So lame, Vodacom has money to waste for real. Can their ad agency come up with amazing ideas.

  3. Another cell network (‘s agency) ripping off youtube videos. Metropolitan did it better for MTN. At least their ads looked homemade.

  4. please i want to know the agency that is doing the vodacom ads, i have and idea of and ad its more cultural to accomodate people in the rurals i just picked that all ads are more urban than rural please call me on 082 5640731 to here my idea
    thank you

  5. This ad is putrid! I change the channel everytime I see it. The child comes across as a snob and a know-it-all. I prefer the later, more current ‘love match’ one, it speaks of what Vodacom can do for its users. However, this one is pathetic. Back to the drawing board guys.