Album Artwork – Jesse Clegg

Life on Mars

For his new album, Life on Mars, Jesse Clegg asked Etiket to come up with a concept that would show the change his music has undergone, reference his inspiration and also encourage  some interaction with the user…all on the cover.

Taking a cue from his Steam Punk/sci-fi/1984/industrial revolution-inspired compositions, Etiket created interesting album art with an international flair. A different artwork was created for each of the ten songs on the album. The user can then choose which of the artworks he or she wants to use for the front cover.

This concept is also being extended into his website, the launch event and the viral campaign.


Graphic design – Andre Pereira



  1. nice 🙂

  2. I had seen this in the store yesterday and thought it to be really cool, albums with these creative and paper covers are just really a ton better than the plastic and commercial way.

  3. Nice. Just a pitty someone has been paid to be uncreative, seeing that its the exact replica of Die Heuwels Fantasties in design and layout.

  4. Seen it on the shelf in December….wait, sorry that was Die Heuwels Fantasties album?