Digital campaign for Golf R

Digital campaign for golf r


Ogilvy Interactive Cape Town created an online game for the VW Golf R digital campaign, it received 20 000 plays in the first 5 days. Not bad.

Users are able to play the Golf R reflex test game and challenge their friends from within rich media banners located on various car sites or on the campaign microsite. The person ranked 1st on the 31st of May 2011 will receive a track day in a Golf R at the Volkswagen Driving Academy.






  1. Been done a million times, very, very average. Expected more from OI to be honest.

    Also, in terms of stats, concepts like this is why local awards like Bookmarks is flawed. Terribly over done idea and execution gets decent results and wins something, does it deserve an award? Does it push boundries? Does it improve the industry as a whole?

  2. ideally the client did not pay a cent for this work…because it is free 😉

  3. i made that

  4. The Golf R Reflex Test was intentionally modeled around the classic reflex test that Ivan posted, and there was a reason for it. Ivan’s reflex test is the same one that fighter pilots are required to pass. So, using this test was a bigish part of the idea i.e. the car is like a jet. It may have been a mistake to design it so similarly, but in truth, I don’t think so. Making our own reflex test would’ve removed the fact that we’re asking people to take a jet pilot’s reflex test in order to qualify to drive this incredibly fast, almost jet-like car.

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  6. “20 000 plays in the first 5 days” – this means absolutely nothing. How many unique visitors?

  7. Y’all are crabs in a bucket.

  8. @cuan fair anwer. 🙂 Should put that in the site copy.

  9. Thanks for constructive feedback Johan. Ivan, as far as I can see there’s only a vague similarity to the BMW M3 launch. Ireland/Davenport’s logic and strategy seem to have been similar to ours, but the executions are very, very far apart. Definitely far enough for me to feel comfortable.

  10. Cuan, you’re totally right.

  11. i like it,it’s fun to play. although it did leave my dreams of becoming a fighter pilot dashed.

  12. You know whats more lame than ‘copied creative’ ? Creatives who spend their lives looking for the proof that others have copied something. Here’s an idea… use all that wasted time and energy to come up with something better, and make it happen. Or else, STFU. Your attempts at creative supremacy by showing off your knowledge of whats come before is BORING. I’d like to see how many ideas in the portfolios of the commentators are totally original. Bet they are few and far between.
    Note: This comment is not intended to have any reference to whether or not the idea above was copied. For my money, it was a cool, simple way to deliver a message and get people to engage with the brand.

  13. Berkywits, outstanding response. So damn true. “Those who can’t, comment.”