Hunter’s Star Wars Day Tactical: UPDATED


  1. Wala!
    Yoda: Nothing on earth like it refreshes.

  2. It’s a pun.
    But I like it.

  3. Maybe if the bottles were hovering or shooting saber beams or something. Very dull execution of an old joke.

  4. Coda, I wouldn’t post stuff about being dull along with a link to your porti when it has stuff like Pod1 layouts in it. Ouch.
    Sorry to be a doos, just sayin.

  5. Mediocre at best. Definitely not a force to be reckoned with. I doubt if a noteworthy, never mind significant, portion of Hunter’s drinkers are Stars Wars geeks.

  6. @Thom: No worries, that work is 8 years old and the first print design project I ever did. But thanks for the visit. I’ve changed my URL to my (also outdated) Behance porti, if that makes any difference.

  7. In an agency far far away…
    I Have to agree with Coda.
    This joke/line was the status update for a
    billion people.
    There isn’t something unique about the visual
    treatment so it kind of falls flat.
    I don’t get the connection but they do get
    a gold star for being the only South African
    brand to do something tactical for this glorious day.
    In the words of yoda “Haters gonna hate they will”.

  8. photoshop skills: not required

  9. Please tell me this won’t be a trilogy. And Troll, maybe there’s a reason why other SA brands didn’t do anything for this “glorious” day… the day is not significantly known or popular enough to warrant doing anything memorable/worthwhile.

    Hunter’s: “It’s International Stars Wars Day.”
    SA population: “SFW?”

  10. Whatever the merits of the ad, this has more comments than any other recent post.
    Seems Nandos finally missed a trick.

  11. Sam, last I checked ads were a great way of alerting the public to new things….like International Star Wars Day.

    DSTV could have aired the films again.
    Nu Metro/Ster Kinekor could have hosted a Movie Marathon on the day.
    Adidas could have hosted a party or an activation for their Collaboration range.
    Musica or Look & Listen could have done a promotion punting their box sets and PS3 games.
    VW Passat could have extended their recent TV ad into other media.

    The Star Wars franchise is loved by millions. Jedi is a an actual religion now.

    I think a few brands could have had some fun on this day.

    Just saying.

  12. C’mon, that kid in the VW Passat ad, the one that went global, I mean what WAS that outfit he was wearing?!

  13. Nandos didn’t miss anything. Just because people are commenting doesn’t mean it’s done anything for the Hunter’s brand with it’s target market. This is a site for advertising and marketing people. So yeah, if you think that by them commenting on the ad makes it great, I wouldn’t trust you with a ball of string, never mind my brand.

  14. Oh, and let’s see next year if Hunter’s “alerted the public” to ‘celebrating’ International Star Wars Day next year Troll.

    And you’re saying that all those other brands “could have” done something for the day. Do you know why they didn’t though? Because it’s an insignificant and irrelevant day in South Africa. It’s like a brand celebrating the 4th of July or Thanksgiving here – utterly useless.

  15. Sho, lay off the roids anger boy.

  16. Sam, do you understand the definition of the word ‘could’? To ‘win’ an argument you generally have to provide a more compelling argument and not just repeat factless drivel over and over.

    Forbes estimates the Lucasfilm mogul’s net worth at $3.6 billion.

    $6.68 billion at the box office +
    $9 billion on toys +
    $1.6 billion on video games +
    $200 million on novels

    Now does that seem insignificant to you?

    Why would Adidas have an activation with people dressed up as Star Wars characters and walk up and down streets in South Africa if no one gave a shit?

    Look, these ads aren’t going to win any awards. It’s just some fun. Your views are pretty juvenile.

    So you’re saying none of the brands I mentioned could have done something on a day dedicated to the brand they have promoted previously? So nothing could have been done on the Sci-Fi channel?

    DO you represent the whole of South Africa? DO you have facts suggesting the Star Wars followers in this country would dig a Adidas collaboration or VW passat ad but not that day?

    Oh my word it’s all so clear now. Are you William Shatner?
    SAM is a trekkie everyone.

  17. Just a reminder to play nice everyone. We’ll close this thread if it starts getting personal.