Stefan Krynauw 1

Portrait of a Painter at Rooke Gallery

Stefan Krynauw 1


Johannesburg-dwelling aesthetes, a must attend exhibition is launching tomorrow eve at the Rooke Gallery.

About the artists:

Krynauw was born in Somerset East in 1989. He studied drama at Stellenbosch University, where he holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Drama. In 2010 Krynauw uprooted himself, discarding his thespian past in a circuitous resolution to become a painter. His process of ‘becoming’ a painter took twelve months, making the documentation of his burgeoning oeuvre a pivotal act of portraiture, a performance unfolding as a body of work, thematically drifting into other bodies of work, notably Roelof Petrus van Wyk’s “Young Afrikaner” series.

Krynauw’s background in acting allowed him to measure the importance of performance in painting. The ‘becoming’ of a painter converts portraiture and performance into auxiliary elements. In finding a technique and inventing a style Krynauw transfers his detachment to his facsimiled, highly mediated sources onto the canvas. His approach is that of galvanizing the source material onto large-scale canvases, blazoning them as intensely gestural abstracts, imbuing dark hues against bold and littered brushstrokes.  Krynauw’s source material populates his studio like debris after a natural catastrophe; paint is everywhere. This residue is exploited by Krynauw, taking the violence of his mediated material and translating that into a source of original meaning; a portrait.

Van Wyk is a photographer resident in Johannesburg. His latest photographic series “Young Afrikaner” is featured at the V&A’s first exhibition of contemporary South African photography entitled “Figures and Fictions . Stefan Krynauw is featured in this project which documents the reclamation of the Afrikaner identity by the young Afrikaner individual and focuses on a massive shift from a state owned, and sanctioned national identity during Apartheid, to a self-determined, narrative, plural and personal identity, steeped in culture – language, music and the visual arts. In terms of descent and lineage Krynauw and van Wyk are jointed, caught-up in the fibres of each other’s work and heritage.
Rooke Gallery, Johannesburg | Thursday 5 May | 6:30pm


Between 10 and 5