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Andrew Brauteseth

‘The Rose’ by Andrew Brauteseth


‘Guy With Camera’, otherwise known as Andrew Brauteseth is a well established local photographer who does amazing work with a camera, and he has something new to show you.

A short film entitled ‘The Rose‘ marks the start of Andrew’s entry into the world of film, but where many would think it to be an easy conversion having already been skilled in photography, Andrew declares that the difference is much bigger than one would think: “Photography and Motion Picture (films) have a close but tense relationship. Like bickering brothers. Sure people think that because you’re already a lens person so you can switch between mediums easily. But this is not true. Photographers often get film horribly wrong. A film scene may be intensely art-directed and meticulously framed but they often lack that sticky stuff which binds reel to reel and audience to screen: a proper story. The model might be hot but she’s not acting, she’s been sexy up a tree trunk!”

Andrew describes ‘The Rose’ as being inspired by the “eye-meltingly sensual language of the classic french perfume pieces, mixed with a Parisian charm and mystery you find in french films like Amélie“. This beautiful piece of film was also shot in stills to allow for the narrative to be told in print format, and you can view the full story HERE

Director & DOP/Photographer: Andrew Brauteseth
With Ansellia Adams as ‘Anna’ ( @Ansellia from Outlaws Cape Town)
Styling by Catherine Bowen ( @catherinebowen )
Make-up Natalie Roos ( @NatalieRoos )
Assisted by Shaun Bond ( @shaunfrancbond ) and Eeden La Grange ( @eeden_lg )
Voice of Xavier Dewarimez
Music by Yann Tiersen

Between 10 and 5