Mack Magagane - Light Hours 1

Mack Magagane – Light Hours

Mack Magagane - Light Hours 1


This photo series, Light Hours, was made by Johannesburg based Mack Magagane. He explains his work: My work aims to explore urban spaces in the city of Johannesburg in different neighbourhoods.

It intends to show how people in Johannesburg live; how they are separated by boundaries in densely populated small spaces within a large metropolis. It aims to show how everybody is upon each other, though living closely next to one another. I have focused on the irony of the “built landscape”, architecture and the urban landscape being involved in the settings of photographs and its relation to composition.

My subject matter is also the misinterpretation of represented space. I aim to show how spaces around Johannesburg cannot be defined by their representation, in this case in photographs. I show how individuals who are not familiar with these spaces can misinterpret them as being spaces elsewhere, hence Johannesburg looking like another city at night.

My work covers different architectural typologies. It does so as these architectural typologies are commonly used spaces by people every day. I show these spaces at night, as they appear to be surreal due to the lighting photographed upon, the absence of people and the absence of movement in them. I am interested in the formal narrative formed by architecture and composition.

The use of perspective from high-rise levels helps create a view that unfolds these spaces apart from the normal view, which you can’t see beyond the layers embedded in them. Also the use of high-rise perspective helps emphasize how these spaces are connected with each other yet barricaded, Light effects help blend the spaces, as all the lighting in these spaces make them seem of a similar setting.

Mack acknowledges his mentors as Mikhael Subotzky and Market Photo Workshop.

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