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Sibongile Khumalo in REwind A Cantata for Voice, Tape and Testimony (smaller)
Sibongile Khumalo in REwind A Cantata for Voice, Tape and Testimony


The top 5 Cape Town theatre attractions for the next week…

5. Hot Cross Nuns
South Africa’s award-winning a cappella group Not the Midnight Mass is back! The group has a new and exciting line up: stalwarts Graham and Christine Weir are once again joined by Cape Town’s most popular jazz diva, Amanda Tiffin, as well as award-winning actress Anthea Thompson and funny man Donal Slemon. Singing like angels but with a devilish wit, they have been hailed both nationally and internationally for their unique blend of harmonies, humour and original writing.
Showing 10 May – 4 June at the Baxter Theatre Centre. Tickets: R110 – R130. Shows start at 8.15pm. Book: Computicket.

4. Lovborg’s Women
Directed by Christopher Weare, Lovborg’s Women is a wacky comedy spoofing the naturalistic and realistic dramas of Jorgen Lovborg (after Anton Chekhov and Ibsen). Presented by award-winning theatre company, The Mechanicals, the show is not to be missed.
Showing until 21 May at the Intimate Theatre. Tickets: R80. Shows start at 8pm. Book: 021 4807128.

3. Body Language
After touring nationally and internationally over the last 3 years with highly acclaimed and popular ‘Rumpsteak’ , Gaëtan Schmid moves from the food that delights us to the human gestures that unite us. As in ‘The Dogs Bollocks’, Gaëtan, in his very own peculiar and particular way, will ‘edutain’ the audience on a fascinating subject : the secret language of the human body. Fascinating because, even if you don’t want it to, your body talks and talks and talks … and it won’t ever shut up!
Showing 2 – 28 May at the Kalk Bay Theatre. Tickets: R55 – R110. Shows start at 8.30pm. Book: 073 220 5430

2. Jesus Christ Superstar
In 2006 Pieter Toerien produced a box office sell out, and highly acclaimed production of Jesus Christ Superstar. It went on to tour to Athens, Greece and was also redesigned for an arena production in Seoul, South Korea. This spectacular dramatised version, of the last seven days in the life of Jesus of Nazareth, will see Cito (from Wonderboom) reprising his role of Jesus of Nazareth and South African singing sensation Nádine as Mary Magdalene.
Showing 12 – 28 May at the Artscape Opera House. Tickets: R155 – R365. Shows start at 8pm/3pm. Book: Computicket.

..and for the Number 1 must see this week…

1. REwind: a cantata for voice, tape and testimony
Philip Miller’s masterpiece features over eighty voices celebrating the human spirit in South Africa that rose above the horror and evil of the deeds committed in the name of Apartheid against the backdrop of stunning projected images and video by Gerhard Marx and Maya Marx. This cutting-edge combination of contemporary music and digital art is a must-see for all South Africans. The show features the legendary Sibongile Khumalo joined by soloists Otto Maidi, Stéfan Louw and Nozuko Teto alongside the Cape Town Opera Voice of the Nation chorus, Heavenly Voices Chorus and a string octet led by Marian Lewin.
Showing 12 – 14 May at the Baxter Theatre Centre. Tickets: R180. Shows start at 8pm. Book: Computicket.

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  1. That’s all very well and most interesting, BUT were are the great giveaways……..???

  2. I second that Belinda

  3. You’ve asked for it, and because I’m a nice enough guy, and I have managed to organise a give-away of two double tickets to Gaeton Shmid’s hilarious ‘Body Language’ at the Kalk Bay Theatre next week Wednesday, 11 May at 8.30pm. To enter, leave a comment on this post stating why you think you should win! The funnier, the better, and if you include a reference to body language, even more kudos! The best two will walk away winners! -Enter before midnight on Monday, 9 May. Good luck!

    -the Drama King –

  4. This is a no brainer……I had the ‘balls’ to ask and therefore…….

    This upright pointed finger (if I win) means theDramaKing is number number or alternatively you know what…….

  5. Body talks……but I don’t listen……..On my doctors advice, to take on some sport for more exercise I decided to play tennis. After a couple of weeks and no improvement in my health my doctor asked me how I was doing.

    I told him It’s going fine, “When I’m on the court and I see the ball speeding towards me my brain immediately says: To the corner! Back hand! To the net! Smash! Go back!”.

    “That’s great? What happens then?”, asked my doctor.

    “Then my body says: Who? Me? Don’t talk nonsense!”.