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New Evenings – A contemporary classical series

Cape Town – ‘new evenings‘, a recently launched contemporary classical music series in Cape Town, will be hosting their third event on May 10, 2011 at the Waiting Room in Long Street.

‘New evenings’ is a non-profit concert series that performs new works by contemporary composers from around the world, as well as pieces from the 20th and 21st century contemporary classical repertoire. The concert series intends to expose this rarely performed music to new audiences outside academic institutions and conventional concert-hall environments.

These concerts are the brainchild of violist Jeanette Claassen and Joost Bosland. Joined by composer Ross Dorkin, they hosted the first two events – Evening 1 and Evening 2 – at the Michael Stevenson Gallery in early 2011.

Following these highly successful events, it was clear that a strong interest from a new, young audience exists. However, ‘new evenings’ is about more than simply bringing contemporary classical music to a different audience – it’s about challenging the space of classical music. Therefore, the events take place in unusual venues – the kind of venues not normally associated with classical music.

Evening 3 will take place at the Waiting Room – a cosy venue in Long Street – and will feature a string quartet with Patrick Goodwin, Petra Hofmeyr, Azra Isaacs, Kristiaan Chernev and Matthew Field on guitar. In addition, established local musician Inge Beckman will also make an appearance – collaborating on a track with Markus Wormstorm, featuring Jeanette Claassen, Natasha Otero and Maria du Toit(Principal Clarinetist CPO.

String Quartet: Avro Part Fratres, Steve Reich- Different Trains
Guitar: Steve Reich – Electric Counterpoint
Markus Wormstorm : Track featuring Inge Beckman, Viola, Cello and Clarinet
Entrance Fee: R50

For additional information, please visit the ‘new evenings’ website,
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Date: 10 May 2011
Location: Waiting Room, Long Street, Cape Town
Contact: Jeanette Claassen
Company name:
Telephone number: 076 832 4185
Email address

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