exhibiton 1

Pics from our photography exhibition!

exhibiton 1


THE BIGGEST THANK YOU to everyone who made our exhibition such a success. The students from Elizabeth Galloway, the photographers, ORMS Prophoto lab for the prints, Museum Gallery for letting us use their amazing studio space, Ogilvy Cape Town for the beer and Dido wine and Instant Grass for jumping on board last minute with a few cases of Esprit.

And of course to all of you. Here are a few snaps Lucas Adams got of all of you. Tag yourself in the facebook album.

For more pics from the event visit: we-are-awesome, Diary of Ward, Skattie what are you wearing? and Creative Nestlings. Also keep an eye on ORMS Connect for their event pics too.

Can’t wait for the next one!

If you missed out, check out the online exhibition HERE.


Between 10 and 5