Featured: Caroline Vos Illustration

Caroline Vos Illustration

Caroline Vos started out by studying graphic design, but swiftly moved into the world of illustration, where she found herself to be much more at home: “In the early days I started out chalk-boarding and graduated to Album art shortly thereafter. In the 90’s we were all a little Jason Brookes mad. These days I am loving some of the young local talent and also a lot of the older classical stuff”.

Caroline has quite a nice portfolio under her belt, having worked for clients such as Ogilvy, MTN and FHM to name a few, she is now looking to develop a personal style and thus obtain an ‘artists’ title: “I’m really into developing my own style now, as I have spent most of my illustration career fulfilling someone else’s creative brief. I have started dabbling with my own ideas and story lines which I find hugely fulfilling. I sincerely hope I can pursue more of my own choices in the years to come and possibly get funding for it.”

If you would like to get into contact with Caroline, and want to view her work, check out her website HERE, and visit her blog HERE


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