10and5 & vida e caffè Design Competition

vida e caffe



vida e caffè is running a competition on 10and5, open to all of our very artistic, design-minded, talented readers, and EVERY ENTRY GETS A FREE COFFEE. The details:

The Story:

vida’s 10 year anniversary is coming up this year and to mark the occasion they’re looking for a really cool design for their take away cup sleeves for the month of their anniversary.

The Brief:

Essentially the brief is open – come up with a design that fits the cup sleeve template. There are no specifics so get creative. Illustration, photography, choice of colour and style, it’s all up to you.

The Winnings?

If your design is chosen, your artwork, name and URL to your online portfolio (should you have one) will be seen on every single take-away coffee leaving every one of vida’s 41 stores around the country for a month.


The winner receives a year’s worth of vida coffee.

Not bad, huh?

The competition runs from today until the 30th of June 5pm. Every week we’ll update you on the competition progress by posting your entries on 10and5.

How to get started:

Follow this link to download the template.

Visit the vida e caffè website to get better acquainted with the brand.



See the rest of the entries here:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3




  1. amount of entries per person?

  2. @naas One entry per person. So make it good!

  3. is there any chance that we could get a pdf version of the template?

  4. agree about the pdf version of the template .. or can you give the dimensions?

  5. yep! please can we have a pdf version…

  6. Is this open to people around the world, or only the states?

  7. Hey Samantha,
    it’s only open to South African residents.

  8. three questions:
    Do we have to paste it into the template? I lack adequate software!
    When is the closing date?
    Why only one entry per person? Can’t you make it two?

  9. Hi Lesley

    Yes, you do have to design within the template and enter likewise.

    The closing date is the 30th of June.

    And we want to keep it fair with one entry per person.

    Best of luck!

  10. No more updates for last weeks entries?

  11. @Nospheratu Unfortunately last week was a slow one. But a few entries came in over the weekend that we can’t wait to show you on Friday!

  12. When will the winner be announced and how will it be chosen? And also will we be able to see all the entries once the competition is over? 🙂

  13. @Homestar vida e caffè will be choosing the winner. We will announce the winner in a post on 10and5 on Friday the 1st as well as on twitter and facebook. We’re also planning to do a post with all of the entries to go up on Friday morning.

  14. hi all, sorry but when will the e-mail come with the free coffee, and how do i know my entry was sent correctly and got received.

  15. Hi Vian, you should’ve received a confirmation email? I just checked now and we did receive your entry, thanks! You’ll probably get a mail from vida tomorrow about your free coffee, we need to forward your details on to them first. good luck!

  16. Hi rosealix. I have submitted my entry twice and haven’t received any confirmation emails yet. Please can you check that you’ve received it? Thanks!

  17. Hi Nicola, I’m not sure why the confirmation email didn’t get to you. Maybe check your spam folder? We have received your entry, thanks. Alix

  18. Hi Rosealix,

    I also have not received a confirmation email of my entry. Can you confirm that you received it?

  19. Hi. Could you also let me know if you have received mine… no confirmation as well. Thanx

  20. @ Alix. Thanks so much!

  21. Hi everyone, not sure why the automated confirmation emails aren’t getting to you but we are receiving your entries. Dana and Subashan, got both of yours, thanks for entering! Alix

  22. Hi
    I hope you recieved mine too…?

  23. Yes Shan, got it.

  24. hi guys have you received mine?