Alone But Together 1

Alone but Together campaign by Aqua Online

Alone But Together 1

Pic from 'Meet our Family' facebook album


Alone But Together 2

Screenshot from Auntie Rica's website

Tasked with creating a campaign to remind/warn people to RICA their sim cards, Aqua Online came up with an entire back story about Disconnected Syndrome.

The campaign tells the fictitious story of people suffering from Disconnected Syndrome (known as the Disconnected Ones, a fragile, peculiar group of outcasts who unfortunately thought they were above the law) and Auntie Rica who opened a home to take them in. The hilarious campaign comes complete with Auntie Rica’s Home for the Disconnected website where you can be informed about the ‘syndrome’, read testimonials and recovery methods and visit the online shop.

The Alone but Together facebook page is full of photos from the home and their YouTube channel shows endless video clips, recorded testimonials and a documentary (mocumentary) about Auntie Rica and the sufferers of DS.

Well done Aqua Online!

Alone but Together YouTube channel

Alone but Together facebook page




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