Christi (Crunch) du Toit

Featured: Christi du Toit

Christi (Crunch) du Toit

Christi du Toit is an aspiring self-taught illustrator hailing from Gordons Bay with big plans, and lots of time on his hands, only being 19 years of age.

Christi describes some of the pieces shown here: ” ‘Facebook Header’ is simply some personal work used to promote my Facebook page / ‘Fukk It Flyer’ was a flier used for a few regular clients / ‘Personal Work’ is, as the name says, just work i did in my free time to try out a few new ways of colouring my work / T Vicious Album Artwork’ was (or is still) going to be used for an upcoming two track EP release by UK based Dubstep producer T Vicious

From what we can see, Christi or “crunch” as most people call him, has a distinctive style within the characters he illustrates, and this will hopefully drive him to success when he commences his studies at AAA School of Advertising next year. Check out Christi’s work on Behance HERE and view his blog HERE


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