ZANews/Hayibo Election Special


In the run up to tomorrow’s elections, ZANews and have created a 21 minute election special for your enjoyment. Aaand ZANews have launched a new website –


About the video: Who really pulls the strings in a democracy? You, of course! So, as you and your fellow puppet-masters prepare to make your X to remind the dummies who’s in charge, it’s time for another team of dummies to keep you up to date with all the issues…

In a first-of-its-kind production, South Africa’s favourite satirists form a comedy coalition to bring you Election Special 2011.

Hosted by Zanews anchor Tim Modise and analyst Brooklax Mpundu, this special one-off broadcast is a lineup of all the usual suspects, also featuring a look at Julius Malema’s 4,000-year history in the struggle, special election messages from your elected officials (and Blade Nzimande, who’s never contested an election, but it sure beats working), plus the first ever no-holds-barred debate between the heavyweight contenders, Jacob ‘Who’s Your Daddy’ Zuma and Helen ‘Who Da Man’ Zille.

Forget service delivery (after all, the ruling party did that years ago): in 2011, vote for satire!
Brought you by and Because here we can… Break news, that is, into lots of little pieces…

Between 10 and 5