Overhead Sketch Battles

Overhead Sketch Battles

Overhead Sketch Battles

Artist AE at Overhead Sketch Battles Round 1

Artist AE at Overhead Sketch Battles Round 1

Every Thursday during the month of May Grayscale Store & Gallery are running Overhead Sketch Battles in Joburg. At their space – 33 De Korte St, Braamfontein. ( above Signarama) – to be exact.

The Overhead Sketch Battles take place in a series of live knock-out rounds, 2 artists compete head to head using only black pens and old school overhead projectors.


The details:
Each Thursday there are 2 battles, a battle is 1 hour long and consists of 2 artists battling against each other. Each artist has an overhead projector and a selection of pens to create their piece with. The artists will be drawing on transparency sheets and the entire process will be projected onto the wall for everyone to watch.

At the end of the battle the crowd will be asked to vote, by means of anonymous ballot, for whichever piece they think is the best. The artist with the most votes progresses to the next round.

The artwork created during the battles will be reproduced as a series of limited edition poster prints that will be exhibited at Grayscale Gallery in June.


The featured artists are: Mr. Alpha, Breeze, Rekzo, Myza420, Ben, AE, Kevin Love, Rowan Toselli

Round 1 and 2 have already taken place but you can catch the semi-finals tonight (Thursday 19 May) for Battles 5 and 6. These will be Winner 1 vs Winner 2 and Winner 3 vs Winner 4 from the previous rounds.

-Thursday 26 May
3rd & 4th: Loser 5 vs Loser 6
1st & 2nd: Winner 5 vs Winner 6


Doors open 6:30pm, 1st battle starts at 7pm sharp.
Entrance is FREE!
Drinks will be on sale.
Gas heaters to keep you warm.
Safe parking in De Korte St. and Henri St.

See photos from Rounds 1 and 2 HERE.

Pic above found at www.pressurecontrol.co.za


Between 10 and 5