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zef leopard

ZEF LEOPARD – Reversible Clothing


Great news: Zef Leopard clothing has launched a reversible range, kind of like 2 Tees for the price of 1. Visit their site to view the whole range (inside and out) –


If you’re confused as to what/who Zef Leopard is, read on…
It’s easier to define what it’s not, than what it is. Zef Leopard is not a Fiat, it’s a Ford. It’s not bourbon, it’s a brandy. It’s not a GHD, it’s a curler. It’s not sushi or Juicy Lucy, it’s boerewors and PT-shorts. Created in the finest chop shops in South Africa by real spanner swinging grease monkeys, Zef Leopard is slicker thank Brylcreem and darker than Brian Mitchell’s snor.

Zef Leopard was established in 2010. We are currently launching our third range. We are a lifestyle label that prides ourselves on selling confidence as opposed to clothing. All our t-shirts are made from scratch to achieve a tailored fit. Zef Leopard is worn by public figures such as Francois van Coke, Jack Parow, Die Heuwels Fantasties and The Wedding DJ’s.


Reversible Clothing


Our third range is a conceptual product that is reversible. The range is designed in such a way that both sides of the garment look the same, yet it consists of two different designs/prints. The shirts are perfect for light travelers making their way to a music festival or a weekend away. Any way you look at it you will always have the option of two different styles to choose from.

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