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David Kramer
The top 5 Cape Town theatre attractions for the next week…


5. Hot Cross Nuns

South Africa’s award-winning a cappella group Not the Midnight Mass is back! The group has a new and exciting line up: stalwarts Graham and Christine Weir are once again joined by Cape Town’s most popular jazz diva, Amanda Tiffin, as well as award-winning actress Anthea Thompson and funny man Donal Slemon.
Singing like angels but with a devilish wit, they have been hailed both nationally and internationally for their unique blend of harmonies, humour and original writing.
Showing until 4 June at the Baxter Theatre Centre. Tickets: R110 – R130. Shows start at 8.15pm. Book: Computicket


4. Edges

Who am I? Where am I going? Who am I going to become? These are classic coming-of-age questions where moving forward means embracing an unknown future. But do we want to know? Do we want to see? Sometimes one step requires a giant leap of Faith.
Showing until 1 – 25 June at the Kalk Bay Theatre. Tickets: R110. Shows start at 8.30pm. Book: 073 220 5430


3. Mark Palmer’s iCONFUSED

In a world of ‘smart phones’, ‘SMART cars’ and now ‘smart shopping cards’ there seems to be a lot more confusion and a whole lot more ‘apps’ that claim to help us get through this confusion of every day life.  Stand-up comedian Mark Palmer, described by the press as “Clean, Classy and Clever – Argus Tonight” and “…self-deprecating and entertaining in the style of comic greats like Jerry Seinfelf – All4Women.co.za”, brings you iCONFUSED – his new one-man stand-up comedy show, that’ll show you that life is meant to be confusing and no amount of “apps” will change this.
Showing until 4 June at On Broadway. Tickets: R65. Shows start at 8.30pm. Book: Computicket.


2. Jesus Christ Superstar

In 2006 Pieter Toerien produced a box office sell out, and highly acclaimed production of Jesus Christ Superstar. It went on to tour to Athens, Greece and was also redesigned for an arena production in Seoul, South Korea. This spectacular dramatised version, of the last seven days in the life of Jesus of Nazareth, will see Cito (from Wonderboom) reprising his role of Jesus of Nazareth and South African singing sensation Nádine as Mary Magdalene.
Showing until 28 May at the Artscape Opera House. Tickets: R115 – R365. Shows start at 8pm/3pm. Book: Computicket.


..and for the Number 1 must see this week…


1. David Kramer’s Breyani

Owing to public demand, David Kramer’s Breyani returns to the Baxter Theatre for 10 performances only. David Kramer highlights the musical ingredients of rhythm, instrumentation, vocal styling and language that combine to create music that is unmistakably and uniquely from the Cape.
Showing until 29 May at the Baxter Theatre Centre. Tickets: R90 – R135. Shows start at 8pm/4pm. Book: Computicket.


the Drama King spills the beans…
The Baxter Theatre Centre will be hosting its third Taste, Tweet and Theatre evening on 1 June, for the preview performance of ‘Ouroboros’. Wines for tasting will be provided by the Fairhills and Joubert-Tradauw Wine Estates.
1 June at the Baxter Theatre Centre. Tickets: R60. Event starts at 6.30om, show starts at 8.15pm. Book: Computicket.


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