By Fresh Eye Film Productions for The Agency

Top TV by The Agency


With the recent first birthday milestone of TopTV, the channel wanted to celebrate it with a new and exciting promo campaign showcasing their wide range of mind-blowing content. For this, TopTV’s advertising partner ‘The Agency‘ turned to Fresh Eye Film Productions director Jonathan Parkinson, who, with 17 years experience in the industry, remains one of the premier commercial directors in South Africa, and perfectly positioned to shoot the promos.

The 30-second promo presented viewers with various everyday situations where the characters on screen were ‘TV Heads’. This was communicated through the characters having TV sets as heads, all displaying TopTV content related to the task the character was involved with.


TopTV 1st Birthday Project Manager: Jill Lotriet
Production: Fresh Eye Film Production
Director: Jonathan Parkinson
Producer: Martina Schieder


Between 10 and 5