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Cuss cover June issue

Cuss’s June issue cover


We chatted to Jamal Nxedlana of Cuss our new favourite online zine/lookbook/publication. He told us a little about where he’s been and where Cuss is going.


Between 10and5: What kept you busy before Cuss was created?

Jamal: I worked as a stylist in advertising but only for the money! I organized a vintage sale called Dirty Secret. And busied myself with various multi-disciplinary projects including photography, performance and blogging.


10and5: Where did the idea for Cuss come from?

Jamal: People who knew me and attended Dirty Secret said they liked the clothes I was offering but didn’t know how to wear them, so the lookbook was a way to show people how wearable the clothes actually are.


10and5: What was your initial intent, to source and sell clothes or to start an online zine? (Or was it always one and the same?)

Jamal: It was to create a lookbook with editorial content.


10and5: Was this always an online venture or did you ever consider print?

Jamal: We have def spoken about print but we are not exactly sure of how and when. Print is a bit tricky especially now with everything moving online so I think we would go for an annual or biannual print version.


10and5: Cuss sold vintage designer labels, how did you source your stock?

Jamal: We don’t anymore but we used to go to vintage stores and markets around Johannesburg.


10and5: Who is involved with making Cuss happen every month?

Jamal: Zamani Xolo does the art direction/design, Montle Moorosi does the copy and Ravi Govender and I share the rest of the responsibilities including commissions and collaborations with other artists.


10and5: Are you open to collaborations?

Jamal: Along with Cuss being a lookbook, the initial aim was to inspire collaboration. We have already collaborated with Dirty Paraffin, Justin McGee, Mello Moropa, Spoek Mathambo, World War Won, Nikki Comninos and Chris Saunders.


10and5: What are your future plans for Cuss?

Jamal: As you may have already noticed, we have stopped producing a lookbook. We are now working on creating an online platform that features and collaborates with artists to produce and showcase content that reflects life in downtown Johannesburg.


The June issue of Cuss goes live at 11am today. So consider this a sort of sneak peek.


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Cuss pages

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