New from The Blackheart Gang



The Blackheart Gang is an artistic collective made up of Jannes Hendrikz, Markus Wormstorm, and Ree Treweek, whose work is mainly concerned with explorations in a realm below the surface of the earth known as The Household.


During the course of the last few hundred years they have managed to put together a small collection of artifacts and documentation from their journeys.


Recently, the Blackheart Gang has returned from their explorations in the darkest of the Household Realms: The Bog, carrying with them many notes and images of what they saw. Amongst these were 5 paintings of some of the wildlife seen there. These paintings have been transferred onto copperplate etchings in collaboration with Warren Editions. This work consists of a series of 5 etchings, limited to 10 editions each, signed by the Blackheart Gang and embossed with both the Blackheart Gang and The Warren Editions symbols.




rooster bear

Rooster Bear



the boarder

The Boarder

Also recovered from this most recent expedition was this brand new series of sculptures. All hand crafted from wood, and hand painted, these sculptures will form part of The Blackheart Gang’s soon to come traveling museum.



sculptures 3

sculptures 6

sculptures 8

sculptures 9

Between 10 and 5