Made in Bo-Kaap: Haas



For our latest Made In feature we were really excited to visit Haas in Bo-Kaap, Cape Town. You all have been raving about their coffee shop on twitter so we had to see (and taste) for ourselves. For those who don’t know, Haas is actually a few different spaces under the same name. There is the Haas Collective – a design store promoting and selling unusual local art, the Haas Communication Collective – an ad agency upstairs, Haas coffee and the Haas gallery across the road.


The brand is owned and run by Francois Irvine, an artist and interior designer, Glynn Venter, previously a creative director at Draftfcb and local artist Vanessa (Tess) Berlein. We took some photos of our favourite bits and asked Haas some questions.


Between 10and5: Where is your space?

Haas: 67 Rose Street, Bo-Kaap




10and5: What about the area appeals to you?

Haas: The sense of history, the colour, being so close and accessible to the city centre. And the fact that the Bo-Kaap is so cross cultural.


Haas 14


10and5: What do you love about the different Haas spaces?

Haas: That they flow into each other so easily. And the different people each part of Haas attracts, that each space is a true reflection of the 3 of us.




10and5: Who designed/decorated the rooms? Was there a concept?

Haas: Tess and Francois designed and conceptualised the shop space, which is an ongoing process as we take on more artists and artisans whose work influences the space. The coffee shop area was designed and decorated by Francois and Glynn and the gallery space was a collaboration between the 3 of us. The Haas communication collective upstairs was designed and conceptualized by Glynn.




10and5: What’s your favourite corner, feature or piece?

Haas: We pretty much love it all. Francois loves the coffee shop counter and Wessel Snymans’ butterfly work. Glynn loves the little plushly covered benchseat in the coffee shop. Tess’ most coveted work is the sculpture ‘Lepeltjie’ by Haidee Nel.




10and5: What music is playing at Haas?

Haas: An ever changing playlist of music that we all love, from Billy Holiday to The Boabab Orchestra.




10and5: Who would you happily allow into your space?

Haas: Wonderful people – and we do each and every day!


Haas 15


10and5: What will the Haas walls never see?

Haas: Ecru paint!




10and5: Which one artist (from any era or country) would be your ultimate to exhibit in the gallery?

Haas: Glynn –  Yves  Marchand and Romain Meffres’ Ruins of detroit photographs.  Tess – Ray Ceasars’  paintings. Francois -The photographer Idris Khan.




10and5: What’s good on the Haas Coffee menu?

Haas: Everything – but the Croque Monsieures are a hit, and of course, the coffee is the best in town!


Haas 17


10and5: What is it about your business that you are most proud of?

Haas: That we have created together a collective of buisnesses that work so fluidly together and that the response to Haas from so many different sectors has been astounding.


Haas 16







Thanks Haas!

If you know of an interesting studio space, workshop or store (or have one yourself) then please let us know! We’d love to take a few pics. submissions@10and5.com


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