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A Case Study: Social Code for Southern Comfort

Social Code
Digital agency Social Code recently ran a facebook campaign for Southern Comfort which produced some great results much sooner than they expected.


The Goal:

Southern Comfort SA approached Social Code to develop a strategy that would help them reach their goal of 6,000 fans on facebook over a 12-month period. The goal was based on the size of a key, established competitor on facebook.


The Strategy:

Social Code came up with a winning strategy that did not include complicated methods of innovation but rather just the right combination of various tried and tested techniques on facebook. In order to promote engagement online the fans on facebook were given the opportunity to participate in a competition that stood them a chance of winning various prizes each week.

The competition, called Time to Lime, revolved around fans placing lime wedges in sometimes curious places on their pictures and submitting them to the photo sharing application on facebook. Fans were given the opportunity to upload their own photo, select a photo from their existing facebook photos or selecting one from the photos taken at various Southern Comfort nightclub events.


The Results:

During the campaign the goal of 6,000 fans was reached and exceeded. Within 3 months, Southern Comfort’s fan page grew to almost 6,400 fans with an adoption rate of 100 fans per day. Which Justin Hartman, CEO of Social Code, notes is impressive in a South African context.

Matt Visser, a digital strategist that worked on the campaign commented, “I’ve worked on some of the competition brands in this space and am pretty aware of what they consider substantial growth to be. Reaching them within 3 months when they’ve been on Facebook for a while is extremely satisfying. What we managed to get right with the team at Social Code wasn’t inventing a new mechanic or trying to be too clever, but just provided a fun, simple interaction which was essentially just a little extension to the habitual behavior of their relevant target audience.”


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