VW Date Drive feat. Johann from 10and5!



Between 10and5 co-founder Johann was asked to take part in the VW Date Drive campaign, we told you all about it over HERE. This is the behind-the-scenes video from the night, nice!


There are a few places left if you’d like to book your own VW Date Drive so visit the website to sign up!


  1. found this on an australian ad blog.
    anyone care to comment?


  2. haha.superlol

  3. @marcelle, not quite the same idea in my opinion.

  4. fair enough

  5. Hey @marcelle

    While the campaigns share similarities and a similar name, they are actually very different.

    The Ozzie campaign centred around inviting a group of 20 strangers to a Volvo dealership for a typical speed dating session. Once in the dealership, people would get inside stationary Volvos and chat to someone they’ve never met for 8 minutes – much like any other speed date session. The only difference being that instead of sitting at tables in a room, the daters sat inside a stationary car inside a dealership. At no stage was there ever any actual driving of the cars. So it wasn’t a test drive at all, but rather a packaged speed date service inside a Volvo Dealership. In addition to this, there was never any intention to prove that the car makes its driver more attractive, nor was there any live data capturing.

    The Volkswagen Campaign, on the other hand, allows people to anonymously borrow and drive a Polo GTI for an entire evening, to pick up a love interest of their choice in the car, take them out , impress them and improve their chances of getting lucky because of the car – ultimately to prove that the car makes its driver more attractive/desirable. This is also all monitored live from a website.

    Each Polo GTI driver is rigged with a heart-rate monitor for the date, and is given a phone app which allows them to tweet their progress to the website during the course of the evening – so people out there can follow and see just how much luckier the Driver gets because of the car.

    So while the one campaign is a true test drive and an actual date (all monitored live). The other campaign is simply a speed dating session which happens to take place inside a Volvo dealership – the cars are almost incidental in the process. Which is not to say that the Volvo campaign is bad, it’s just very different.

    So again, while the campaigns share similarities, probably stem from a similar insight and share a similar name, they are very different for a number of reasons.

  6. case closed