Private Joke by Danae Botha



We received this submission from David Alves, friend & fan of Danae Botha and her web comic Private Joke. He sent such a great description along with the submission that it would be a shame to rewrite it for this post. So, here it is in David’s own words:


Danae Botha is a Senior Graphic Designer at Aqua Online. Apart from being an awesome-sauce designer in the digital sphere, she has recently started a blog, or as she describes it a web comic, that has all who read it navigate away from her pages of win rolling in stitches of laughter. Her webcomic has superseded the boundaries of blogging, art, graphics and incorporates a level of humour unseen in the blogging world here in South Africa.


This woman’s work is literally the South African answer to the Oatmeal and even though it’s still in its infancy (registered URL to come) of 5-6months, her bi-weekly updated blog is beginning to pick up momentum in some of the more offbeat and obtuse humor-orientated blogging circles. It’s time that the South African digital world begins to embrace a new direction of South African blogging. Danae can be awarded kudos for stepping out of the standardized blogging format to explore the limits of alternative design, humour and social commentary.


Thanks David and Danae! You can find Private Joke at


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