Stimorol Taste Twist – I believed I could fly



The latest TVC for Stimorol by Ogilvy Cape Town. We’d love to know what you think…


Jamie mietz – art director
Peri van Papendorp – copywriter
Chris Gotz  -executive CD
Iris Vinnicombe – agency producer
Anton Visser – director
Prenneven Govender – producer
Velocity – production house






  1. I liked the infinity ads much better, but this isn’t bad. Stimorol has so many gums out it’s confusing!And if they weren’t R12 a pack I might even try them out.

  2. that was beyond lame. with the starting point of twist to brainstorm, they could have come up with something way smarter, wittier and actually funny. very weak ogilvy- we expect better from you!

  3. Kinda cool, but mostly just okay.

  4. Ad school kids, keep quiet.

  5. kosie pretorius

    i like it. funny. well-directed. haters must die.

  6. The actors are kind of dull.It’s not terrible but I think agencies shouldn’t just submit every tv ad they do, only the best ones.

  7. Agree with anon3. This isn’t worth showcasing.

  8. Very simple. Very strange. Very nice.

  9. Anon 1,2,3? You cant even come up with an alternative pseudonym. You’re obviously a pro hater. What? Did one of the creatives steal your girl? Or you just one of those frustrateds in a little agency that no one’s heard of?

  10. It says “Leave a comment” not “Say stupid shit”.
    The infinity spots were great but this is a fun spot.
    Haters gonna hate.

  11. This ad is sipping from the same Kool-Aid as the Skittles campaigns.

  12. Bizzare but entertaining

  13. I agree with Ian…. very Skittles like. Some originality please.

  14. Cool tvc guys. bravo to a brave client and team for trying something new and keeping our local tvc rotation fresh.
    Detractors… at least explain your opinions. Simply stating it is not worth showing, is not really a credible form of critique because you are effectively not going out on a limb and exposing your rationale to further scrutiny.

  15. I didn’t mean to critisize, I think it’s a cool ad, especially compared to most ads on TV. But I do feel that compared to the other Stimorol ads, this one is not as funny. Perhaps Stimorol just had to wait a while longer before launching another kind of gum, because I’m still buying the cheap packs let alone the Infinity ones.

  16. @Bravo: “going out on a limb” I see what you did there 😉

  17. There’s a balance that needs to be struck with this sort of idea, between gross/distasteful and smart/interesting. This ad is stronger on the former than it is on the latter, which means it doesn’t achieve the balance that most Skittles ads do. And is therefore not as good. Small sweet spot, tough ask, nice try.

  18. I know the gum changes flavor now, effective ad, not gonna grip me as the best I’ve seen, but it works.. Remember Ogilvy is about selling (or else), also agree with anon3..

    Love the way the bravest voices against anon1/2/3 may as well be anon as well, Troll..Syrup.. Really? Add a link to your comment and put your face where your mouth is if you wanna start dissing smaller agencies who don’t sell out every chance they get, assuming you think you work at one of the better ones, so let’s hear it and maybe we can see if your girlfriend ran off with a hippy and threw away all her daddy’s credit cards.. Pro hater, f#*k all the person did was actually comment on the ad, not attack someone personally..tool.

  19. That’s funny, mad me laugh.

  20. This idea is very first based very weak

  21. THE GUY HAS 2 RIGHT HANDS!!!!! Not clever & badly acted


  22. & then suddenly a left one holding the gum packet ~ Continuity, directing & editing up to maggots

  23. This advert is in terrible taste… get it off air

  24. hmmm. bad taste (not the gum). Brand association with “suicide”… eish – brave client.

  25. Matt Visser, my comment was a general comment for the lack of reasoning behind most comments. Your little rant once again proves my point. Where in my comment did it target once specific person? How did mine get personal if it wasn’t targeted at an actual person? If you’re going to puff out your chest and get yourself worked up over something, at least have a think about it.

    It’s easy to be a hater. Knowing how to type doesn’t make people experts.

  26. Apologies that was meant to say ‘one’.

  27. “leave a comment, not say stupid shit”
    It doesn’t have to be directed to an individual to belittle all the comments you disagree with. Also, my post was aimed not only at you, so apologies if you took it personally, but this “haters gonna hate” is the same unjustified support that you claim the critics are guilty of, just in the other direction.

    It’s a fun spot, has one thing in common with someone who says, it’s boring. They’re both subjective opinions. Not gonna spam up the comments with this any more, hope everyone battles Monday and not each other.

  28. I agree with you. Haters gonna hate and lovers gonna love.
    It’s cool to hate something if you don’t dig it, in fact it’s great. But, give a valid reason why. Like I said, it’s a general comment.

    Have a lekker week.

  29. it’s cool man. jees would you rather see a bunch of mom’s prepare steaming gravy on rice.. again?
    quirky, brave and clearly getting a reaction.
    well done.

  30. Agree with rrisk. It’s just fun entertainment. You either laugh, or are a bit offended. One thing it isnt is first base. You dont get more leftfield than that.

  31. baught the new Stimorol Taste Twist. Now i also feel like flinging myself off a building – tastes so shit!

  32. I thought the ad was in exceptionally bad taste as do all my friends.

  33. I HATE this ad, I change channels when it comes on
    I have stopped buying the product because of the ad is just in bad taste and I think it should be taken off

  34. I think the advert is done in extremely bad “taste”. It’s certainly not funny. I actually think it’s a little gross. Glad my child is not old enough to ask why a guy jumps out a window, survives, breaks his arm and is able to laugh and speak.

  35. My brother died like this and find this advert extremely disturbing, but I guess I am one in a million

  36. Stimorol has always been one of the best chewing gums on the market, but the three latest adverts (hair blowing, splattered on the payment, and mask/removing turtle kissing ads are horrendous and I am appalled that they are even aired on television. They are not clever or funny and leave a bad taste in my mouth (which Stimorol does not)!

  37. The premise of “If I could change the flavour of the gum I could do anything, even fly” should lead to a way more interesting and entertaining creative execution. This smacks of Cliff Freeman’s iconic “Mike’s Hard Lemonade” campaign, which worked because it was totally absurd (almost cartoonish) and beautifully acted. More absurdity might have saved this ad from banality. Now it just seems creepy.