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Masters & Savant Worldwide for Eskom



Draftfcb recently appointed Masters & Savant Worldwide to do illustration and animation work on their new campaign for Eskom. More info:


The campaign, needed to inform the public of how Eskom is committed to keeping a constant supply of energy for the country, while also motivating consumers to play their part in being energy aware in order to take pressure off the national grid. “Despite public perception, Eskom is doing a lot out there in terms of creating sustainable and renewable energy,” says Sergio Ines, Creative Director at Draft FCB.  “Our major challenge was conveying all of this information in a way that was easy for the man on the street to absorb and understand. As such, an infographic style was chosen as the perfect solution to communicate this kind of information.” “Masters & Savant Worldwide are well known for their ability to replicate a broad range of styles. We knew they would go to great lengths to give us what we wanted, and they delivered!”


Long regarded as a major player in digital animation space, Masters & Savant Worldwide were also responsible for a number of other components for this campaign. In addition to providing the visuals, they also supplied all major campaign elements including the music as well as the illustrations used for the print part of the campaign. “This was a huge win for us,” says Masters & Savant Worldwide’s Johannesburg MD, Roger Smythe. “We collaborated internationally in terms of a worldwide network of talent to ensure we had the best team, globally, working on this account.”


Continues Ines, “We worked very closely with their new Creative Director, Chris Lockhart, who was nothing short of a pleasure to work with. The words ‘no’ were never mentioned, everything was pushed to its limit and beyond. Most importantly, when problems arose, we all sat around discussing and solving them together. It was a real team effort.” “We are incredibly happy with the outcome of the animations and print ads. Maters & Savant Worldwide did a great job for Eskom, communicating a very serious message in a very friendly and optimistic manner.”





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