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Pulling Rabbits for Rosalind Stockhall

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This website by creative studio Pulling Rabbits serves as the official portfolio for children’s book illustrator, Rosalind Stockhall. They talk us through it:


Ros creates colourful characters and enchanting scenarios out of a massive collection of paper fragments – by method of highly detailed and labour-intensive collage. It is this world and this creative process that the website celebrates: the site’s structure and design are based directly on Ros’s studio, tools and box of characters which have come to life (by way of Flash animation). This project was particularly special because of the creative collaboration with the client, and it quickly became a labour of love for those involved.


The visitor is invited to play with the characters and get lost in the imaginative detail, much in the way that a child would. This perspective is used to attract and amuse people who appreciate the beauty and limitless imagination of childhood – children and adults alike, as well as children’s book publishers seeking authentic and beautiful illustrations.


Very cool. Credits got to:


Creative Studio – Pulling Rabbits
Creative directors – Vincent Riess & John Blignaut
Art direction, design & animation – Selmari Vermaak
Coding – Vincent Riess
Copywriting – Lee Helme

Illustration – Rosalind Stockhall

Sound mastering – The Invisible Nightclub





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