Drive Times “For Sale” Campaign



Check out this seriously clever piece of work by Lowe Bull Cape Town for the weekly Drive Times supplement.


Executive Creative Director: Kirk Gainsford
Art Director: Romano Cardinal
Copywriter: Natalie Rose & Chris De Villiers
Client Service: Kyle Dewar & Claire Dodds
Media partner: Strike Media
Producer: Brian Scott
Sound Studio: Sterling Sound
Sound Engineer: Lorens Persson


  1. That’s flippen cool!

  2. Very cool.

  3. That’s some funny shit…

  4. hehe that is quite cool. I wonder how many calls they got?

  5. this is really great.

  6. Brilliant work!

  7. Clifford is classic.

  8. I like Doris. My gran’s exactly like that

  9. This is more awesome than a shark high-fiving a bear during an explosion in space.

  10. Jeees. There must be a whole lot of Lowe employees on this page.
    Cause that idea is kak.
    So, you’ve wasted a whole lot of people’s airtime, irritated them that the good deal they saw wasn’t available and THEN you try to punt the Drive Times?
    Sorry, kak idea

  11. I would be pretty annoyed if I phoned in and wasted my money and time on a fake phone call which, let’s be honest isn’t really funny at all. The old phone call idea, been around a while hasn’t it?