Joburg, this Sunday Part 2 of the 12 part Invisible Cities is happening and we get the feeling that if you miss it you’ll be missing out on a whole lot more than just an event.


Invisible Cities is a year-long music and arts festival in the form of 12 once-off monthly events set in the empty buildings soon to be part of Johannesburg’s Maboneng arts precinct. Transitional spaces – buildings that are no longer what they once were, and not yet what they will soon become. Rooftops, hallways, stairwells and facades will be transformed into snapshots of a possible Johannesburg.

It’s run by The Skeleton Crew – a collective of artists that have become known for experimenting beyond the confines of their main medium and a keen collaborative spirit. Coming from such varied backgrounds as music, video art, photography, creative strategies and audience interactivity, they will define an overall coherent aesthetic; a red thread tying together 12 events and many constellations of people.



The Skeleton Crew are João Orecchia, Koos Groenewald, Jana Hamman, Mpumi Mcata and Liam Lynch.


Invisible Cities 1/12 was met by overwhelming enthusiasm with attendance upwards of 400. An e-book featuring documentation, stories, photos, accounts of the event and contributions from visual artists will be available online from early July.

Part 2 brings you performances by local acts Dirty Paraffin and The Make Overs. A curatorial approach is being taken to pairing the musicians for each event. They are not being paired for the sake of similarity or difference, but for the possibilities that could be realized by the meeting of personalities. They are being chosen for their uniqueness, open mindedness and commitment to the diversity of the Johannesburg cultural landscape. The musicians, in collaboration with The Skeleton Crew, will build installations and environments and transform spaces.


Go and be part of something.

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Invisible Cities on facebook.
Pics from Part 1 by Elsa Bleda on the one small seed network.


Between 10 and 5