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Lische Joubert is a young, local photographer currently assisting more established photographers in Cape Town and working on her own personal projects. Here are a few pictures she took of Andre Leo from Pretty Blue Guns and Jax Panik. Read on about her influences:



Photography took a hold of me from an early age. I’m quite shy, but always interested in people and cultures. Traveling is a big weakness (I’ve lived in London and South Korea for 2 years), and my camera is always used to explore.


I always look for something interesting to shoot, I love working with artists but can never say no to a pretty landscape or the smiles on my brother’s kids’ faces. By being visually aware of most things in my life I can’t look at something without thinking how I will capture it on camera.


Not so much influenced by other photographers (although I do like the handheld feel of Nan Goldin) but more everyday life inspires me. Music, the ocean, people’s interactions, light are all inspirations just to name a few. Film and working in the darkroom is a big love as well as shooting on various mediums.


Lische’s website.


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